DIY Permanent Christmas Lighting Kit – Channel Included


Light up your home with our easy-to-install DIY Permanent Christmas Lighting Kit with Channel. This kit comes with everything you need: a durable aluminum channel in three color options, a controller box, various cables, bright LEDs, and all the necessary wiring supplies. It’s perfect for adding a festive touch to your home, designed for straightforward setup and lasting performance. Everything you need in a single kit with no need to shop around for various components!

  • Includes all the hardware needed to install permanent Christmas lights, including the channel.
  • Kit sizes up to 300 linear feet (two outputs of 150 ft each).

Can be paired with multiple kits for larger houses

Controller Unit
- Provides power and control to the LEDs
- Controller has two outputs, each capable of up to 150ft of lights

- RGB LED bullet pixels with 6 inch spacing
- Quantity varies by kit size

Aluminum Channel
- Channel to mount the LEDs to your home

- Power injection cable
- Data cable

Wiring Supplies
 - Connectors, heat shrink, etc.

Tools (Optional)
- Tin Snips
- Wire strippers / crimpers

Written and video instructions found here

You don't need much else, just some screws and some tools!

You will use these to attach the channel to your house. Just about any screw will do. The screw holes are 4mm in diameter.

Tin Snips
To cut the channel

Wire Strippers & Crimpers
Cut and strip wires. Crimp wire connectors. 

We've done our best to make our instructions easy for you to follow, and most steps include both video and written instructions. We'd encourage you to at least skim through the full instructions, which you can find here.

If you don't feel like going through the detailed instructions, this 7 minute video covers the bulk of what you need to know. It's a bit outdated and uses vinyl j-channel instead of our aluminum channel, but the process is still very similar.

Orem, UT

My son-in-law used these kits to install lights on our condo eaves.  They look great and are so fun to have.  We can run the lights using a number of different colors and color combinations. The different effect that the lights can produce are fun and look great on our home. Our neighbors are asking about getting them on their homes. I would do it again.

Santaquin, UT

Seriously the best for year round outdoor lights! Best price easy set up. Had a problem on set up. Wrote them on a Sunday and were quick with responses figured out what was wrong and had the new part shipped out the next morning. Would recommend over and over again!

Chubbuck, ID

Excellent customer service and support! Extremely easy to install this light kit with DIY experience! Hands down recommend to anybody that asks where to get some.

Orem, UT

I love my holiday lights! There's a gazillion combinations of color combinations and lighting animations---all controlled from my smart phone. The installation of the light channels matches the color of my eaves so no one even notices them.

Jen & Nick
Jen & Nick
Laingsburg, MI

Great kit. Super easy to install with basic DIY skills


Doing business with ShawTech Lighting was very professional, they answered all my questions prior to purchasing. And I found their step-by-step instructions were very intuitive. I did have my son help me with getting our routers configured correctly because he is the IT guy for our family and understands that much better than I do. But if you have the DIY skills, this system will save you a lot of money.